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From your locations to consumers

From coffee to pizza, sushi to hot meals, flowers, wines and small packages, Freegônes is a light-weight electric delivery vehicle offering 500 lbs of hot, cold or dry cargo space. No job is too small to handle your deliveries and last-mile logistics in a cost-effective way. Call us for a demo and to discuss customization to your specific needs.


Mobile advertising

Optimal main street visibility is achieved with Freegônes' unique body design and advertising boards located on both sides of the cargo box. Fitted with easy to mount, interchangeable color soft display panels, you can advertise your own messages or lease the space to third party advertisers. Freegônes combines usage and image to increase sales & brand exposure.


Do it cleaner

Companies and environmentally conscious brands are reaping the benefits of nurturing a sustainable image. Freegônes is powered by a 4 kWh electric-assisted motor, making it a zero pollution and a noise-free vehicle. It can legally travel in bicycle lanes, easing congested streets, boosting last-mile productivity in a responsible, Eco-friendly way.


Nationwide coverage

Freegônes comes with a full 1 year manufacturer warranty and a 3 years contract extension. Our off-site and in residence trained technicians are a phone call away to ensure minimal service interruption. Freegônes is designed to have 99% of your fleet on the roadways, serving customers everyday.


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